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Join a group of exceptional people in managing the world’s most awarded Singapore Changi Airport, and help develop and manage airports internationally. Changi Airport Group opens up a world of opportunities with our diverse business functions.

Airport Operations
Connect and manage over 40 million passengers annually, creating an enjoyable experience for all our customers through efficient operations, state-of-the-art facilities, and delightful customer service and innovations in close partnership with various airport agencies and airlines.

Business Development
Drive Changi Airport’s growth by cultivating partnerships with international passenger and cargo airlines, developing new routes with the travel industry and formulating strategies to enhance our long-term competitiveness.

Conceptualise, plan and chart Changi Airport’s infrastructure development and renewal plans, including facilities management, engineering equipment enhancements, and design of specialised airport systems to ensure Changi Airport delivers excellent hardware and software to stay ahead of the current and future needs of the airport.

Retail Management
Manage one of the largest retail spaces in Singapore, developing a myriad of shopping and dining options in the airport to enhance the shopping experience for our customers and to drive revenue growth.

Safety and Security Management
Provide passengers with a safe and seamless travel experience and maintain a sustainable and conducive business environment for our airport partners through upholding international standards of safety and security practices, and well-prepared emergency response and rescue services.

Corporate Services
Support the growth and future plans of Changi Airport Group as a key partner to the business in our corporate functions such as corporate strategy, human resource, legal, corporate communications, economic affairs, technology, corporate development and international relations.

Manage the finances of the group with net assets of over $3 billion. Oversee the various financial accounting functions including revenue, procurement, expenditure, fixed assets, and tax to financial and management reporting, consolidation, financial planning and analysis, and treasury.

Airport Investments and Management
Grow our business and bring our capabilities overseas. Invest, manage and develop airports internationally through our subsidiary, Changi Airports International.