civil fire stations

AES Changi
Singapore Changi Airport is promulgated as a category 10 aerodrome and provides a Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (RFFS) organised, equipped, manned and trained to ensure the most rapid deployment of facilities to maximum effect in accordance with the highest standards prescribed by ICAO. The primary function of AES is to provide fire protection for Changi Airport and maintain optimum risk management of the two runways.

To facilitate this, it operates four stations in and around Changi Airport in the event of an aircraft emergency, to handle fire coverage between the cargo complex and terminal building as well as fire and rescue coverage off the coastline of Changi Airport. AES Changi also boasts state-of-the art training facilities including the smoke house - a building used to simulate aircraft interior- and other training facilities such as a life-sized aircraft mock-up and a driving training circuit.

Fire Station 1

fire station 1 Located at the west of Runway 1, Fire Station 1’s main function is to provide Category 10 Level of Fire Protection for aircraft using Runway 1.
The station offers 10 vehicle bays that house modern Airport Foam Tenders and other specialised support vehicles. It has a constantly manned watchtower responsible for the monitoring of air traffic on Runway 1 and adjacent areas of the apron. Next to the fire station is the Casualty Collection Station (CCS), which is used to hold and triage casualties in the event of an aircraft disaster in Runway 1.

Fire Station 2

fire station 2 Fire Station 2 is located east of Runway 2 and its main function is to provide Category 10 Level of Fire Protection for aircraft using Runway 2. The vehicle bay can accommodate more than ten fire appliances. The facilities in Fire Station 2, including the watchtower and the CCS are similar to Fire Station 1. Fire Station 2 also forms a self-contained unit capable of facilitating an immediate response to aircraft emergency in Runway 2, through its available hi-tech systems such as alarms, emergency communication lines, radios and a PA system.

Domestic Fire Station

fire sub-station 3 Fire Sub-Station 3 is centrally located within Changi Airport and provides fire protection service calls at three passenger terminal buildings and other ancillary buildings in the airport area. It also supports Fire Station 1 and Fire Station 2 in the event of an aircraft accident or incident.

Sea Rescue Base

sea rescue base The Sea Rescue Base is located at CAFHI jetty. Its aim is to provide search and rescue in the event of an aircraft ditching incident at sea, particularly off the coast of Changi Airport.

AES Seletar

aes seletar AES Seletar provides ICAO Category 7 Level of Protection for aircraft operations at Seletar Airport. The station is equipped with six vehicle-parking bays to house the modern Major Foam Tender and other specialised vehicles (i.e. Water Tender). Located next to the fire station is the Casualty Clearance Station (CCS), which is used to triage casualties during an aircraft accident/incident at Seletar Airport. In addition, AES Seletar is also equipped with facilities and equipment to perform water surface rescue in the event of an aircraft ditching at the Seletar Water Channel.